Application of explosion-proof blower

2022-07-08 17:21
Explosion-proof motor explosion-proof grade used by explosion-proof blower can choose DIIBT4 and DIICT4 grade; Mainly used in coal mine, petroleum and natural gas, petrochemical and chemical industry. In addition, in textile, metallurgy, urban gas, transportation, grain and oil processing, paper making, medicine and other departments are also widely used explosion-proof blowers as the main air source power equipment.
Explosion-proof high-pressure blower is used in an environment containing flammable and explosive gases or vapors constantly, intermittently or regularly enough to produce explosive, many production sites will produce some combustible substances. Such as underground coal mine about two-thirds of the place there are explosive substances;

In the chemical industry, explosive substances are found in more than 80% of the workshop areas. Oxygen, the source of ignition, is ubiquitous in the air. In the production process of the use of a large number of electrical instruments, all kinds of friction sparks, mechanical wear sparks, electrostatic sparks, high temperature is inevitable, especially when the instrument, electrical failure. Objectively, many industrial sites meet the explosion conditions. When the concentration of explosive substance mixed with oxygen is within the explosive limit, an explosion will occur if the explosive source is present. Therefore, it is necessary to take explosion-proof.

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