Dereike 3NB side channel blower comes on the field

2022-10-28 17:03

The Dereike 3NB side channel blower comes on the field

Dereike blowers are sold all over the world.

Europe, America, Middle East, Southeast Asia are the main markets of Dereike, in order to meet the needs of vacuum technology in various regions;
Innovative technology to meet customer needs is an urgent progress, Dereike 3 NB series products are often developed, production testing, after a long period of precipitation, finally meet with you.
Let's take a look at how the structure of 3NB differs from the previous ones 
Dereike has always adhered to a rigorous attitude towards equipment manufacturing, and has won praise from many customers;
So what makes the 3NB side channel blower great?
Just like sewage treatment, traditional side channel blower, as long as the water depth exceeds 5 meters, it is difficult to aerate normally;
The pressure value of 3NB can already reach a depth of 6 meters.
There is also the use of vacuum adsorption, a 21.3KW fan, which can absorb a weight of 1 ton nearby, which shows how terrifying this suction is.

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