Double stage side channel blower disassembly & installation

2023-04-03 17:00

1.Stand up and put something under the motor cover to stabilize the blower vertically
2.Remove the 4 screws in the middle and 7 screws around the pump cover
3.Pry from the gap on the side and shake with  hands to remove the pump cover
4.Remove the pressing plate screws and remove the pressing plate and bearing seat
5. If the bearing needs to be replaced, take out the bearing for replacement
6. Remove the impeller pressure ring and the first impeller
7. Remove the middle body parts
8. Remove the key pin and spacer sleeve
9. Remove the second impeller and key pin
Clean the removed fittings and the inner wall of the cavity

1.Install the impeller and key pin, which removed from the second disassembly
2. Install the spacer sleeve and the middle pump body, and pay attention to the direction of the middle pump body (as shown in the picture)
3. Install the key pin and impeller,which removed from the first disassembly, as well as the impeller pressure ring (Attention that the impeller pressure ring has front and back sides, as shown in the picture)
4. Install the bearing seat, pressing plate, pressing plate screw and gasket
5. Use a thin iron wire to pass through any hole in the middle of the pump cover and close to the bearing seat, so that one end of the iron wire is inserted into any hole of the bearing seat for positioning
6. Close the pump cover and pay attention to the direction of the pump cover (as shown in the picture)
Keep the iron wire inserted through the pump cover into the fixing seat hole
7.Lock the remaining three screws in the middle of the pump cover,but don’t lock tightly.
8.Pull out the iron wire and lock the fourth screw without locking it tightly
9.Lock the 7 screws around in diagonal order
10. Slowly lock the four screws in the middle


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