How to choose aeration equipment?

2023-02-15 15:28
Due to the advantages of low energy consumption, low noise, convenient maintenance and convenient installation, side channel blowers in the industry are playing an indelible role in aeration and oxygenation in the world sewage treatment process. Benefit from this, our side channel blower manufacturer from the establishment to the present rapid development, by the majority of customers love and recommendation, is gradually in the high pressure fan industry from scratch, from weak to strong, to achieve a magnificent transformation.

As one of the environmental management tools of commercial sewage treatment, the relevance of aeration of side channel blower is self-evident. According to the pertinent data, the power consumption proportion of high-pressure follower aeration in the entire sewer treatment process system depends on 30%~ 50%. It can be seen that the crucial role played by the core component, then, in order to make best use of the awareness of power preservation and also environmental protection, the application of side channel blower in sewage aeration system can save a great deal of power usage and financial investment proportion, so it has accomplished fast development recently, is swiftly climbing.

With the velocity of the automation procedure, coupled with individuals's enhancing interest to the living environment, the volume of commercial, domestic and also various other elements of wastewater is likewise raising. The building and construction and procedure of sewer therapy plants has come to be a basic part of cities, big districts as well as cities, villages as well as towns, which undoubtedly significantly promotes the market need for side network blowers, but likewise indirectly drives the quick development of related business.

According to an international environmental protection market technical person introduced, the present sewer therapy process, a lot of making use of side channel blower aeration.
Aeration is the diffusion equipment that sends out pressed air into the aeration storage tank via the pipeline as well as distributing it right into the mixture in the form of bubbles, to ensure that the oxygen in the bubbles is rapidly diffused and moved to the blend to supply microorganisms in the activated sludge.
Compared to standard Origins blower and also single-stage centrifugal blower, side channel blower has more apparent advantages in sewer therapy modern technology and even more considerable energy-saving impact, so it is coming to be a preferred option for sewer treatment plants.

The side channel blower embraces broadband direct motor, without the intrinsic flaws of the fan in the form of traditional gear development. The air suspension centrifugal blower can significantly decrease the power intake of mechanical transmission and friction, as well as greatly improve the functioning efficiency. The power source of high-speed operation is the flying force field. There is no physical call factor when the bearing is running, so there is no requirement for lubrication and the loss is really low.

not only sewage treatment industry can use fan aeration, such as electroplating, aquaculture, high pressure fans have a very good use prospect,the air volume policy of the side channel blower is understood by controling the electric motor rate by the frequency converter, so it has a high degree. The air conditioning approach is the air inlet self-cooling, coupled with reduced noise, hassle-free setup, lasting no upkeep and also various other characteristics, which is of excellent relevance for decreasing the price as well as administration expenses of the treatment plant.


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