Bearing maintenance of Dereike air blower

2021-03-12 17:05
Bearing maintenance of air blower
If an equipment wants to have a long service life, long-term maintenance work is indispensable. Not only the air blower, but also any equipment is the same. Reasonable maintenance of our air blower can greatly improve the service life of our air blower, so as to reduce our use cost.
In the maintenance of the air blower, special attention should be paid to the maintenance of the special bearing. In the maintenance of special bearings, it can be carried out in a certain way and method. Later in the maintenance of the special bearing of the vortex air pump, you can operate according to the following three aspects to ensure the normal and orderly maintenance work.
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1. It is necessary to check the bearing raceway of the air blower. In the process of checking the equipment, it is necessary to check whether the special bearing can operate normally. Check whether the capacity of the power supply facilities is sufficient, whether the voltage can meet the operation of the equipment, and whether there are some debris in the track. If there are any debris, they need to be cleaned up in time. In addition, we need to check whether the appearance of the special bearing is damaged, and check the performance of the special bearing. The inspection work must be completed carefully.
2. The bearing of the air blower needs to be maintained regularly. Regular maintenance is the key factor to prolong the service life of the bearing. In maintenance, it is best to remove the bearing to ensure that the external and internal maintenance can be in place.
3. Check the surrounding environment when the air blower is running. To ensure that the bearing in operation, the surrounding environment clean, ventilated, according to the specific use environment. According to the conditions of the use environment, add lubricating oil to the bearing irregularly to ensure that it can be smooth enough without wear.

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