DHB 213 Belt-drive type blower

General characteristics:
 ●Maximum air flow up to 2480 m3/h;
 ●Rated vacuum up to -730 mbar;
 ●Nominal pressure up to 1040 mbar;
 ●High efficiency IE2/IE3 available;
 ●With thermal protection (PTC);
 ●100% oil free, easy installation, maintenance free;
 ●Certification CE, ROHS, UL, ATEX;
 ●Broadband frequency and voltage used worldwide;
 ●High quality bearing used for high temperature protection up to 180℃-200℃;
The performance curves are valid for pumping air at 15 at the inlet flanges with an air pressure of 1.013mbar and a 
tolerance of ±10%.The total pressure differences are valid up to an intake and ambient temperatrue of 25℃.
DHB 213 Belt-drive type blower curve
1. The utility model has the functions of blowing and sucking, and can be used for both suction and blowing.
2. Running with or without oil, the output air is clean.
3. Compared with centrifugal fan and Belt-drive type blower, its pressure is much higher, often more than ten times of centrifugal fan.
4. If the pump body is die-cast as a whole and the shockproof mounting pedestal is used, the requirement for the mounting foundation is very low. It can even operate normally without the fixed pedestal, which is very convenient and saves installation cost and installation cycle.
5. Comparing with similar fans, the noise of their operation is lower. The ultra-silent high-pressure fan is introduced.
6. Maintenance-free use; its wear-and-tear parts are only two bearings, which do not need maintenance basically within the warranty period;
7. The mechanical wear of high-pressure fan is very small, because there are no other mechanical contact parts except bearings, so the service life of high-pressure fan is of course very long, as long as it is in normal use conditions, 3-5 years is totally no problem;


Because the use of high-pressure fan is very extensive, and its selection is relatively complex; there are many brands of fans in the domestic market, so customers must pay attention to the following points when choosing and purchasing high-pressure fan:
1. Simply understand the strength of suppliers: registered capital, business scope, whether the company has obtained the necessary certificates.
2. The supplier's business background, historical performance and growth: whether the company's actions are legitimate and standardized.
3. The reliability, quality assurance and after-sales service of the product are perfect: whether the product has passed CE certification, RoSH certification, SGS certification and so on.
4. Whether logistics is timely, payment method, etc.
The above customers must pay attention to the matters in choosing and purchasing Belt-drive type blower in order to avoid the low price but the quality of products and after-sales.

Model selection

Because the use of high-pressure fan is very extensive, because its selection is relatively complex. Generally speaking, the following two steps are needed:
1. It is necessary to determine what function the Belt-drive type blower is used in the field, whether it is suction or blowing, and to find the pressure-flow curve corresponding to the Belt-drive type blower; if the curve is misread, sometimes the selected products can not be used;
2. According to the calculated pressure and flow, the working curve above the corresponding working point can be found on the curve, and then the type of Belt-drive type blower can be selected according to the working curve.
As long as there are different workplaces, their demands for pressure and flow are different. Therefore, in order to obtain relatively accurate data, it is necessary to calculate the relevant data. This needs to be done by a professional designer or consulted by a professional company.