Side Channel Blowers

Dereike side channel blower details page. Your vacuum & pressure solution.

General characteristics:
 ●Maximum air flow up to 2480 m3/h;
 ●Rated vacuum up to -730 mbar;
 ●Nominal pressure up to 1040 mbar;
 ●High efficiency IE2/IE3 available;
 ●With thermal protection (PTC);
 ●100% oil free, easy installation, maintenance free;
 ●Certification CE, ROHS, UL, ATEX;
 ●Broadband frequency and voltage used worldwide;
 ●High quality bearing used for high temperature protection up to 180℃-200℃;


Dereike Side Channel Blower/Ring Blower/Vacuum Pump/Vortex Blower/Regenerative blower develops solutions for vacuum and pressure.
Made of die-cast aluminum, it is a very strong and stable product.
After side channel blower inhales air through the inlet, the impeller in the side channel will accelerate the gas flow, and the centrifugal force of the impeller blade will make the incoming gas accelerate outward, and the pressure will increase. The kinetic energy will be increased through each processing in the side channel. When the gas enters the side channel of the rotor, it will narrow, forming high pressure gas, and finally discharged at the exit.


side channel blower structure


○ Material of side channel blower is mainly made of die-cast aluminum, and the structure is strong and corrosion-resistant.
○ By working in an internal environment, contactless operation prevents wear and does not require lubrication.
○ Electrical protection level reaches IP55.
○ Sealed ball bearings are designed to be corrosion resistant and equipped with VFD equipment.
○ Continuous working time up to 20,000 hours.
○ Each blower is equipped with PTC for extra protection.
○ The operating temperature can be operated between -25℃ and +50℃.


Available function


Side channel blower can promote the movement of the object through the use of positive and negative pressure. This operation can be used in a lot of industries, including material transportation, gas transmission, etc., of course, too large objects are not suitable for side channel blower.


Side channel blower through the output of low temperature air, so as to achieve the cooling treatment of items, this process can be achieved by connecting the side channel blower.


Side channel blower through the use of negative pressure, can realize the absorption of dust and other objects, so as to achieve the effect of suction.

Blowing off

Like in the production line, to deal with the residue on the surface of the item, the surface of the item can be blown by connecting the side channel blower with an air knife.


High temperature air is blown through the positive pressure of the side channel blower to quickly dry the surface of the item, which is the role of the side channel blower as a dryer.

Aeration & Ventilation

Side channel blower can be used to aerate the fish pond or swimming pool, and the highest depth of dereike's side channel blower products can reach 10m, which can meet the requirements of most pools.

Involved Industry

Punematic Conveying/Aquaculture Aeration/Bottle Filling/Air KnifeDrying/Wastewater Treatment/Vacuum Lifting/CNC Router/Material Fixation/Industrial Vacuum Cleaner/Packing Machine/Packing Machine/Pringting Machine/Electrolyte Agitation/Fume Treatment/Biogas Conveying/Laboratory Testing etc,.



DHB Series DHBT Series DHB 3NB Series
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Performance Range


Dereike Product Series Air Flow Range Pressure Range Vacuum Range Frequency Range Remarks
DHB Series 80-2480 m³/h 110-590 mbar -110--440 mbar 50-60Hz Regular Series
DHBT Series 47-200 m³/h 250-1040 mbar -230--700 mbar 50-60Hz Ultra-high voltage Series
3NB Series 315-580 m³/h 60-1050 mbar -70 - -680 mbar 50-60Hz Up to 10m in depth


VFD/Variable Frequency Drive/Frequency Converter Equipment
IE3 Energy Efficient Motor
ATEX explosion-proof motor
Special Coating ( Teflon spcial coating / Anti-corrosion special coating / etc,.) 
Winding Protection
Other Special Request


air knife air filter muffler
Air Knife

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Vacuum Filter

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