Application of side channel blower in UV Flat Spray Drawing

2019-05-13 13:51
UV flat-panel spraying machine, there are many uniform holes on the printing table. These holes are used to absorb and fix the sprayed objects (such as paper, acrylic board, plastic, etc.). Under this table, there is a vacuum groove.

The vacuum groove is pumped into this vacuum groove by a fan, so that the vacuum groove is in a negative pressure state. At this time, the material sprayed on the table surface is stabilized by the external atmospheric pressure. Press steadily on the table to prevent the moving of the spraying products from causing poor spraying effect. Filtration device is installed to prevent sundries from entering the fan from the air intake, pay attention to ventilation and heat dissipation, pay attention to the layout of pipes to prevent fan overload.

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Application Characteristics and Common Types:

1. Application Features: Often fully enclosed operation, generally requires the use of single-phase fan, and low noise needs to install muffler, export to Europe and the United States needs CE and UL certification.

2. Common models: The main power range is 0.7-2.2KW. Generally, single-phase fan is used more.

Frequently Asked Parameters of side channel blower Used in UV Flat Spray Drawing Machine:

1. Adsorbed products: Leather Paper Cloth Wood board Plastic film Glass Other
2. Air permeability of sucker products: Easy air permeability_Smaller air permeability_Not easy air permeability_Air permeability_
3. Adsorption product surface: smooth_uneven_easily deformed_not easily deformed_not deformed
4. Size of Adsorption Products: Length, Width and Height (Thickness) mm
5. Adsorption desktop area: length, width and height mm
6. Actual Adsorption Area: mm in Length, Width and Height
7. Adsorption chamber (buffer) volume mm3 or length, width and height mm
8. The total number of adsorption holes; the diameter of adsorption holes mm
9. Types of Fans (Vacuum Pumps) formerly used
10. Pressure KPa of the original fan (vacuum pump); flow m3/h
11. Specification of Power Supply Voltage: Single-phase 220V_Three-phase 220V_Three-phase 380V_Other
12. Air extraction temperature of fan to C; ambient temperature to C
13. Field elevation M.


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