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2021-04-05 17:11
Dereike air blower sales high-pressure fan vortex pump is a blow-absorbing dual-use type, can be used for blow-absorbing aeration, can also be used for direct air adsorption, if the use of the vortex pump, if encountered the phenomenon of excessive temperature of equipment, then users should pay special attention to and pay attention to these problems, not effectively resolved, Will have a great impact on the service life of the equipment, causing the high-pressure vortex pump temperature is too high from its operating mode.    Shanghai high-pressure fan sales
Generally speaking, the working pressure corresponding to the high-pressure vortex fan is to have a certain temperature range, a single temperature range is too high, is a link is a problem, because the high-pressure vortex pump impeller in the process of operation of compressed air to form a higher air pressure, in the process of compressed air inevitably to generate heat, Even if no equipment, the air temperature will be higher than the atmospheric temperature, in the course of operation, the higher the wind pressure of the high-pressure vortex pump, the greater the heat generated, the motor power will also increase, the higher the temperature rise, because the vortex pump performance parameters are generally proportional to the power size of the click. Analysis of the causes of high temperature of high-pressure vortex pump;
1, regardless of whether used as a suction or wind, is to keep in and out of the air port, the most end of the import and export diameter cut-off area can not be too small, the temperature will increase.
2, to see whether the selection is appropriate, choose big does not matter, if the school, will cause the situation of small horse-drawn carts, fan overload operation, will lead to excessive temperature.
3, the vortex pump operation process should maintain good ventilation, do not place in a sealed environment, the pump head temperature of the pump is equal to the temperature generated by the operation of the vortex pump itself, so, summer time than the winter time temperature is much higher, this is a normal phenomenon.
High-pressure vortex pump is in the open operation, the temperature rise will not be too much, the greater the required operating pressure, the temperature is also greater, the air pump is labeled on the pressure range of the model, do not exceed the operating pressure range indicated in the label, then the temperature is also within the permissible range, the front pump body temperature hot is normal phenomenon, As long as the motor temperature is not hot hand can be long-term operation, more information about high-pressure vortex pump, welcome to continue to pay attention to the company's website!
air blower for overpressure operation, often using the accessories is the pressure set by the release valve, the release valve automatically opens, the excess pressure is released, thus protecting the vortex air pump, the pressure relief valve operating pressure range can be adjusted.

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