Principle of Vortex Air blower Used in Textile Industry

2022-03-08 15:51

The vortex air pump is used in the textile industry. has a special Air blower for the textile industry. The air volume is large, and there are several processing processes and steps more than an ordinary high-pressure blower. What is the working principle of fan used in textile machinery?

1. Working principle; Textile machinery uses the negative pressure generated by the high-pressure whirlpool pump to separate the textile products produced by textile equipment from water, which is also a common dehydration method in textile machinery equipment. At the same time, the suction force of the fan can also be used to make the thread head and other impurities produced in the textile process, that is, to improve the quality of the product, but also to improve the efficiency of work, for small dust and water droplets, fast and clean adsorption, good results. Generally, waterproof and lengthened air pump machines should be selected in the selection, and the power of the fan depends on the specific use.

2. Working characteristics; High-pressure whirlpool fan adopts high-inclined blade design, smaller size, lighter weight, and higher pressure; It has two-way function of blowing and sucking, can be used as suction or blowing, because the internal fan is oil-free operation, so the output gas is clean, do not worry about the air source of Air blower will pollute to. Textiles; Fans with shock-proof mounting pedestals, running machine vibration to the lowest, very convenient, but also very save installation costs and installation cycle.

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