Do side channel blowers need to install filters

2022-08-01 15:45
For the problem of whether to install filters for side channel blowers, customers often ask this question. In fact, we recommend customers to be equipped with them. After all, there is not much money, but the role played is not to be underestimated.
Why do you say this? Because the internal clearance of the side channel blowers is very small. If you do not pay attention to it, you will cause more or less damage to the fan if you suck in a hard thing.
But if the filter is installed, the result is different. It will filter directly to here, without any impact on the fan. Just clean the filter regularly.
And its price is very cheap, compared with the fan of thousands, even tens of thousands of yuan, the difference is huge.
Its usage and installation are very simple, as shown below:
The figure shows an example of high pressure fan filter connection
The figure shows an example of side channel blowers filter connection
It is installed in the air inlet and connected with galvanized pipe fittings. However, it should be noted that the caliber of the filter can only be larger than that of the side channel blowers, not less than the caliber of the fan.
Otherwise, the inlet air volume of the fan will be affected and the running of the fan will be affected.
If the fan is installed outside, it is more necessary to install a filter, the other mouth can face down, to prevent the rain when it rains, the rain sucked into the fan.

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